Actors Attraction

I was asked to do a scene with another actor for his showreel. He is going to take the plunge and travel to Hollywood to meet up with directors and agencies. I was only too happy to help out!

I didn’t know the actor or anything about him and I didn’t know much about the characters in the scene except they were husband and wife, wife who was filing for divorce! I met with the director and producer and the actor, John!

We went to the place where the scene was to be filmed and started improving and talking about the characters. As we went about rehearsing and we got to know more about each other and our characters. All of a sudden, there was this attraction and a lot of flirting. He asked for a hug and said that I smelt lovely! OK, I thought he is getting into character and breaking me down. Breaking down barriers and becoming characters.

It is a strange thing when you meet someone for the first time and you have to instantly have a relationship and a past for the drama to happen. Scenes are broken down and the drama occurs.It has to be believed and realistic and have a natural flow!

So we rehearse more and we are getting on so well and it is so good to work with a strong actor who is giving you something to work off or bounce off and vice versa. There was definitely some sort of attraction and chemistry that I have not felt with any other actor before.

The scene is set and we are ready to film and we do and it turns out really good. The director was really happy and said that he has got more than enough to work from so we finish up.

We are packing up and getting ready to go and John asks what I’m doing for the rest of the afternoon and I casually said, “Ah going Home”! He did ask me earlier on too but as I’m quite shy, I kinda passed it off with a smile and said I wasn’t sure what I was up to!
So as we are all saying out goodbyes and nice to meet you, he said to me that he would love to work with me again in the future! And was that! We left!

As I drove home, I was all excited and feeling great but kinda wondered would or will I ever see him again! I do hope so!

About Lisalovesnow

I'm a energetic free spirit who loves life and positive people. I like to try new things, anything from parachuting to eating exotic foods. Well exotic to me! I love to travel and meet new people from all walks of life. I find talking to people and laughing a great therapy. I definitely have had low points in my life and possibly will in the future but this has definitely made me the person I am today and a kinder, stronger, better person who takes on life with both hands and will not let it take me down. I believe that life is for living and living well, laughing lots and passing on good energy to everyone !
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